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How to Order
Step 1: Pick the Cake Pops you want! 

There is a minimum of 6 cake pops, but they don't all have to be the same! You can mix and match the designs. If you want a modify the color or anything, make sure to include the message in the "Special Requests" box 

Step 2: Pick the flavor you want! 

Although you can mix and match the cake pop designs, you can only choose one flavor of cake up to 12 cake pops. See the chart below for how many flavors you can choose

Flavor numbers.jpg
Step 3: Pick the container! (optional)

If you don't want the cake pops in a bouquet, you're ready to check out! If you want them in bouquet, please go to containers and add the container of your choice. If you have any special requests, please let us know in the Special Requests box

Step4: Ready to check out!

You are ready to check out! Please make sure you include all the information needed, such as requested date of delivery/pickup, gate codes, allergies, etc. 

Step5: Cake pops are made!

We work hard to make sure your order is ready! If you order a bouquet, we wrap it with cellophane for pickup/delivery

golf cake pops.JPG
independece wrapped.jpg
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